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Our company would like to wish our customers and friends around the world Happy Holidays and wish you good health and a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2024.  We also thank you for your business and continued support of our company.


Even though African Swine Fever (ASF) is still affecting many countries around the world, we are seeing much more interest and purchases of swine genetics from our customers around the world with recent shipments and upcoming shipments to China, Malaysia and the Philippines.  The price of oil has decreased over the past few months and transportation costs have been reduced as well in a competitive airline market.  If you are looking to upgrade genetics, or working on a repopulation, please feel free to contact us.


The US Dairy Industry continues to change with the impact of higher US beef prices and demand.  One would estimate over 60% of our US dairy herd is bred to a beef breed bull like Angus, Wagyu and others.  This has greatly reduced the number of dairy heifers for export and much more planning is needed to schedule large shipments by sea delivery.  The US milk prices are below breakeven margins, but if you are looking for pregnant heifers for an immediate purchase, buyers will have to consider Holstein heifers bred to beef bulls or work to purchase non-pregnant heifers months before the shipment and breed to Holstein bulls.  It is a different dairy industry in the USA.


CAMI is pleased to announce we will be making our first Thoroughbred Shipment of stallion prospects from Lexington, Kentucky to the Bureau of Animal Industry in the Philippines.  Watch for details in the coming weeks.



Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc. will once again be participating in the upcoming 2018 VIV China Exhibition to be held in Nanjing from September 17-19, 2018.  We will be working from the America’s Best Genetics stand. We hope to see our many friends and customers!



CAMI will be exporting a large number of GGP pigs to the Philippines the first week of July.  We thank our repeat customers for their order and welcome the new customers that are importing on this shipment.  Welcome to the CAMI Family!


Tony just returned from three weeks of travel to the Mid-East and Africa seeing first-hand how CAMI’s recent shipments of US Dairy Cattle are performing in the summer heat.  These Holstein cows produce milk regardless of their location and environment.


Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc. will once again be participating in the upcoming China Animal Husbandry Exhibition (CAHE) in Chongqing from May 18-20, 2018.  We invite our friends to stop by the America’s Best Genetics Booth.


Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc. will once again be participating in the upcoming 27th Philippines Hog Raisers Convention to be held in Cagayan De Oro City, Mindanao from April 12-14, 2018.


Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc. will once again be participating in the upcoming IlDEX Vietnam 2018 Exhibition to be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from March 14-16, 2018.


Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc. is pleased to announce we have just completed the largest shipment of US dairy cattle to the country of Sudan. This shipment of 1,800 head departed from the Port of Wilmington, Delaware on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018.