Breeds for Export
  • Duroc
  • Berkshires
  • Chester Whites
  • Large White
  • Hampshire
  • Landrace
  • Poland
  • Spotted
  • Yorkshire
Plus many more!
Transportation and Delivery
  • By Airplane (Small and Charter flights)
  • By Truck (Mexico only)
  • By Ocean freight (Shipment of 500 head or more)


Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc. is a leading exporter of swine genetics from the United States. CAMI has successfully exported to many countries in Asia, and Central and South America. We also offer the best quality f-1 females and parent stock females that can adapt to almost any production unit in the world. We can design breeding programs to help you meet your needs if you are a genetic operation looking for new breeding lines or a commercial farm trying to produce lean, meaty efficient slaughter pigs. We offer top quality genetics from a variety of breeds. (see list to the right)


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As the swine industry is a changing global business, we also offer complete consulting services. We are also very pleased to have an excellent relationship with breeding farms in the United Kingdom and Ireland in case you want to purchase high quality European Landrace and Large White genetics.

Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc. is very pleased to be associated with the following farms in the United States which have not only excellent genetics, but very high health production standards:

Waldo Farms

Cedar Ridge Farms

Compart Boar Store

Forkner Farms

Whiteshire Hamroc

Tuhill Family Farms


Stein & Stewart Genetics

Shaffer Superior Genetics

Stewart Duroc Farm

Tempel Genetics

Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc. is pleased to be associated with the National Swine Registry by exporting purebred registered Duroc, Landrace, Hampshire and Yorkshire breeds of swine. To learn more about NSR or the National Genetic Evaluation Program known as STAGES, please visit

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